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Behind the Brewer with Tim Bei

Tim Bei and brew partner Jack Fuller let us inside their brewing process to give us a peak at how they brew. Give these guys a follow and watch their journey from amateur homebrewers to professional brewers!

Where do you live & brew?
I live in Rushden, a small town in the UK. I brew with a whole team of beer enthusiasts and you can usually find us round each other’s homes, brewing and bottling.

What was your first brew day like?
Our first brew day was LOOOOOONG! We did a Woodforde’s Buregold extract kit. We watched a ton of videos online to make sure we didn’t do anything wrong. I remember my mate Jack and I were really excited and really nervous. Both of us aren’t the most practical of people and have never done anything like this before. But it turned out really well and when we shared the beers - lots of people liked it. We didn’t actually have much to worry about. Haha!

What type of brewing do you do these days and what does your setup look like?
We mostly use a boil in the bag method with a 20L kettle and plastic fermentation buckets. Keeping everything simple and cheap for now as we learn the ropes.

Any recent brewing experiments you’d like to share?
A great question! I think one of the best things we’ve done as a group is brew a simple IPA but add to it each time we brewed a different version. This taught us the progression of the beer and what adding different things can do.

Let me explain. So in version 1, we brewed an IPA, selected our malt, bittering hops and yeast. Then in v2, we added hops at whirlpool and dry hopping. Then in v3, on top of whirlpool and dry hopping we added fruit zest. Then in our most recent version, v4, we changed the yeast (we also had to change one of the malts because our supplier didn’t have any). 

But brewing and seeing and drinking the beer each time, it’s really helped us to learn the brewing process really quickly.

Bottling, kegging, or canning?
Bottling - for now.

What’s the best beer you’ve ever brewed?
This has to be our IPA, Third Time's a Charm v4.

What’s your favorite commercial brewery or beer?
Again another good question, but I’m going to go with a very local brewery Three Hills. They do great juice bombs like “In Pursuit” and have the courage to experiment with some left-field ingredients.

What does your brew crew look like?
Always prefer brewing with friends and family.

Brew crew includes:
Jack Fuller, the actual driver of this group and lover of craft beer.
Jamie Wells, the possible, maybe in the future, project manager
Scott Peters, the Practical Enthusiastic Liability
Cindy Bei, the Food Technician Extraordinaire
Ross Gilby, the Lateral Thinker
Tim Bei, the Networker

What’s a piece of equipment you can’t brew without?
Quite literally our brew kettle but also our brew kettle - absolutely love that thing.

Most recent brewery upgrade? New equipment that changed the game?
Haven't had a new piece of equipment in a while. But we're in the process of making a mash tun from a cool box, so looking forward to that.

Do you enter homebrew competitions? Any award-winning beers or good feedback from judges?
I didn't even know you could enter homebrew competitions. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for them from now on.

What advice would you give to a brand new brewer?
If you're thinking about giving this a go. I would go for it. Even if you only do it once - a lot of fun and a great experience!

Favorite ways to spend your time outside brewing?
Spending time outdoors and going for walks.

Anything else you’d like to share?
Brew on!


Thanks Tim! Make sure you give him and Jack a follow on Instagram to keep up with their brewing: Tim Bei & Jack Fuller

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