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Brewing with Kveik, DIY Keg Washer, Jester King Recipe, & More - Weekly Resource Email June 14, 2019

Hey there fellow homebrewers and beer lovers!

Every week I search the web for the best new homebrew and craft beer resources. You never know what bit of info might take your beers to the next level.

1. Brewing with Kveik Part 1 – Norway’s Gift to the World
"There are hundreds of yeast strains commercially available to homebrewers and even more to professional brewers, so what makes kveik unique? Simply put it can ferment at crazy high temperatures (roughly 70−100 °F/21−38 °C) without producing detectable levels of phenols or throwing off a lot of harsh fusels." Kveik is blowing up and I can't wait to try it myself. 

2. Recipe: Le Petit Prince from Jester King
I love Jester King's beers, I love a good low alcohol table beer, and I love when breweries share their recipes. I'm putting this into my queue for sure. Now to get my hands on a couple of Le Petit Prince's for the dregs...

3. DIY Guide: How to Build a Keg & Carboy Washer
Everything you need to build your own keg washer at home with a price tag at least half that of commercial washers. Step by step instructions with photos, a priced parts list, and tool list. You could be washing kegs faster this weekend.

4. Video: How to Top Crop Yeast Harvest
I keep hearing about top cropping and assumed it would be complicated. Brian from Short Circuited Brewers made it dead simple and answered many of my questions with this short tutorial video. If you want to save money on yeast and continue brewing with harder to get strains, give it a shot. The link skips you past the intro straight to the how-to section of the video.

5. How To Make Hop Water
I love beer, but unfortunately I can't drink it all day, every day. I've made some delicious non-alcoholic carbonated beverages but never considered making hop water. You can bet this will be going on tap the first chance I get and it'll probably stay there indefinitely.

That's it for this week.  Hope you enjoy and brew on friends.



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