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Top 51 Clone Recipes, Reviving Ancient Ales, & More - Weekly Resources from May 31, 2019

Hey there fellow homebrewers and beer lovers!

This is the very first Homebrewsy resource post I've written since 2015. I sent these weekly for most of that year. Many brewers found them useful. I hope you enjoy.

  1. 51 Commercial Clone Beer Recipes
    This list of commercial clones was curated by the AHA. There's a clone recipe from a brewery in every US state and DC - 51 in total. I loved seeing some of my favorite breweries on here sharing their recipes with homebrewers. Your next favorite recipe might be on this list!

  2. Beer Archaeologists Are Reviving Ancient Ales
    "The closest that Travis Rupp came to getting fired from Avery Brewing Co. in Boulder, Colo., he says, was the time he tried to make chicha. The recipe for the Peruvian corn-based beer, cobbled together from bits of pre-Incan archaeological evidence, called for chewed corn partially fermented in spit. So, Rupp's first task had been to persuade his colleagues to gather round a bucket and offer up their chompers for the cause.

  3. Comparing Homebrew Software
    "There’s a fair amount of math involved with homebrewing, and software can take the tedium out of that. The more advanced you become, the more calculations you will want to make. The right software can help you improve your beer by keeping track of ingredients and noting how they change the characteristics noted above, as well as many others. This allows you to be more creative and more productive.

  4. Brü It Yourself - Barrel Fermented Sour Ale
    I've been thinking about trying to barrel ferment a beer for a while now and this article offered some great suggestions for how to start and what to expect. It takes more patience and work than almost any other batch, but the results should be incredible

  5. Did Mandy Heldt Donovan just ruin her wine?
    "Your typical California winemaker would be in despair if her efforts had resulted in the kind of wine that Mandy Heldt Donovan just made. 'Most people are too afraid to experiment with brett in a winery,' Donovan says. But as she stuck around with Cain winemaker Chris Howell, she saw that brett didn’t make the Cain wines taste like manure or Band-Aid. Instead, the yeast contributed floral, earthy characteristics that she liked."

That's it for this week. Enjoy, and brew on friends.

Got a comment or question about one of the resources? Lets discuss in the comments below.




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  • Great resource for brewing recipes/ history! If you don’t Know the origins of beer, you can’t truly appreciate it.


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