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The 15 Best Homebrewer Gift Ideas Under $100 (+5 Bonus Gift Ideas over $100)

Find the best gift possible for the homebrewer in your life, right now. 

This guide was designed by an experienced homebrewer to help you get your shopping done today. I'd love to get any gift on this list and your favorite homebrewer will too!

I've scoured the web looking for the best homebrew gifts and arranged them for you according to price:

You can find the perfect gift in this guide even if you know absolutely nothing about homebrew. I've included notes for non-brewers so you can pick the perfect gift. If you need help finding the perfect gift, don't hesitate to contact me and I'll help you find the right gift personally.

I’ve included links to popular online stores in this article. If you have a store nearby, get out and support local! If you don’t know where your nearest homebrew store is, check out the American Homebrew Association’s store finder tool.

Several of the links in this article are affiliate links. I earn a little bit when you shop using our link. This doesn't cost you anything. I've only included products here that I either use myself or that I would be ecstatic to receive as a gift.

Top Homebrew Gifts Under $25

#1. Handmade Tap Handles - $12 to $24

Handmade homebrew tap handles for kegerator from Etsy
Source: Abbey Cat Brewing on Etsy

These tap handles are perfect for adding a professional look to any kegerator. We particularly love the dry erase option. Grab two of the handles pictured above for less than $25.

You can't have enough tap handles and they are simple to swap out in seconds. Don't hesitate to get this for any homebrewer with a kegerator.

▶ Where to buy: Abbey Cat Brewing on Etsy
▶ Price: 
$12 to $24 for one handle

Notes for non-brewers: Only get tap handles as a gift if your homebrewer has a kegerator. Tap handles have a standard size and should fit any kegerator. 

#2. Bottle Caps - $2.5 to $5

American flag crown caps for homebrew 
Source: Morebeer.com

Caps are basic equipment for homebrewers. However, many brewers only get the basic silver or gold caps. Getting them a pack or two of caps with cool designs is a fun, inexpensive gift.

We love capping with these American Flag caps and with the cold activated caps that change color and read "Ready to Drink" when they get cold.

▶ Where to buy: Morebeer.com or Homebrewing.org
▶ Price: 
$2.50 for 50 caps in basic colors, $5 for 144 cold activated color changing caps

Notes for non-brewers: There's only one size of crown cap for homebrewers. Any caps you get will fit all the bottles they already use. If they haven't started bottling their homebrew yet, consider getting them a set of bottles and a bottle capper to go with these.

#3. Hop Starter Plants (AKA Hop Rhizomes) - $10

Source: Pixabay.com

Hops are a key ingredient in every beer style. Growing them at home can be rewarding and help make the freshest beer possible.

Growing fresh hops from a rhizome takes lots of time patience but the results are so worth it. This is a great gift for homebrewers with a green thumb.

▶ Where to buy: Yakimavalleyhops.com
▶ Price: 
$10 for 3 starter plans (AKA rhizomes)

Notes for non-brewers: You can't go wrong with any variety available, but any hop plant that starts with the letter "c" (i.e. Cascade, Centennial, Chinook) will be a sure hit. If you're not sure whether hops will grow well in your area, Homebrewing.org has a great chart and hop growing guide.

#4. Beer Posters - $24+

Source: Homebrewsy.com

Every brewer needs decoration for their home brewery or bar area. I'm especially fond of creative designs and handy reference posters.

We offer several unique poster designs on this site, homebrewsy.com. Every poster comes on thick & durable museum-quality paper. You can order posters with or without a frame. Shipping is free to the US.

Homebrewing.org has some great options for the homebrewer who's obsessed with brewing science. We love their hop chart poster with all the hop flavors, aromas, and bitterness levels.

▶ Where to buy: Homebrewsy.com or Homebrewing.org
▶ Price: 
$24+ depending on style, size, and frame options

#5. Homebrewing Books - $10+

Homebrewing books
Source: Homehops.net

No matter what level of experience they've got, there's always room to learn more. Homebrewers get into this hobby to learn the process behind the beer.

There are many, many great homebrewing books available for brewers of all stages and skill levels. Here are a few staples for any brewing library:


The Complete Joy of Homebrewing by Charlie Papazian

This book is a brewers best friend. A guide to the brewing process along with recipes and handy charts. I still keep mine around for quick reference on brew days, even after many years.

▶ Where to buy: Amazon.com
▶ Price:
$11 for paperback, $12 for kindle


Brew Chem 101: The Basics of Homebrewing Chemistry by Lee W. Janson Ph.D.

If they've been brewing for a while, this book will give them the scientific knowledge needed to improve their beers beyond the basics. There is plenty of science in this one, but it's short and accessible enough for those of use who needed tutoring in high school chemistry.

▶ Where to buy: Amazon.com
▶ Price: 
$11 for paperback, $10 for kindle


Brewing Up a Business: Adventures in Beer from the Founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery by Sam Calagione

This is the perfect book for the homebrewer who can't wait to go pro. Sam Calagione is one of the original American craft brewers and a huge inspiration for many homebrewers. This book walks through his journey from homebrewer to founder of one of the biggest craft breweries in the world.

▶ Where to buy: Amazon.com
▶ Price: 
$14 for paperback, $11 for kindle

Notes for non-brewers: If they've got all three of these books already or you simply want more options to choose from, there are many great books from brewerspublications.com.

Top Homebrew Gifts for $25 to $50

#6. Handmade Mash Paddle - $30-$35

Homebrewing mash paddle handmade from maple wood from Etsy 
Source: Abbey Cat Brewing Etsy Shop

These mash paddles are a huge hit. I got one from my soon-to-be wife as a gift and was thrilled. I use it every time I brew and when I'm not brewing I display it on the living room wall because it's that cool.

More intricate handmade mash paddles can be found across Etsy but these paddles from Abbey Cat Brewing are a solid, affordable option. They also offer custom engraving for $5-$15. Plastic and stainless steel paddles are both fine practical options for brewing, but wood is the best for a beautiful, functional gift.

▶ Where to buy: Abbey Cat Brewing Etsy Shop
▶ Price: $
30 for a 24 inch or $35 for a 36 inch + custom engraving for $5-$15 more

Notes for non-brewers: The biggest thing to look out for with wooden mash paddles is the finish. You don't want anything but wood because the typical wood finish chemicals will ruin a batch of beer. Paddles from Abbey Cat Brewing come unfinished so you are good with theirs. 24 inches is great for those who brew indoors on a stovetop. 36 inches is for everyone else.

#7. Hops for Brewing - $35+

Hops on the vine 
Source: Unsplash.com

For the homebrewer who is less interested in growing their own, a pound or two of fresh hops makes a great gift.

There are 100s of varieties of hops to choose from and while they do vary quite a bit, any variety you choose will be great and useable so don't sweat the options.

Get a variety pack or mystery subscription to make it easier on yourself. You can't go wrong with a gift of fresh hops.

▶ Where to buy: Yakimavalleyhops.com or Hopofthemonthclub.com
Price: $35 for a variety pack (32 ounces) or $42 for a 3 month subscription (4 ounces per month)

Discount alert: Type "Homebrewsy" in the order notes on Hopofthemonthclub.com and get an extra ounce free for each month subscription you order. Thanks Hop of the Month Club!

Notes for non-brewers: Hops are seasonal, so get the most recent year's crop when possible. In 2019 get the 2018 crop until September/October when 2019 is available. Hops come in pellet or whole hop form and both are used the same way, though pellets are most popular option.

#8. Homebrew Apparel - Hats, Shirts, & Polos - $26+

Source: Homebrewsy.com

No homebrew gift guide would be complete without wearable gear! 

Our site features gear designed specifically for homebrewers that make great gifts. If you're unsure about getting them equipment or ingredients, wearable gear is a great option.

We have 4 hat styles with lots of designs to choose from, printed and embroidered shirts, and polo shirts. Shipping is free to the US on every order.

▶ Where to buy: Homebrewsy.com
▶ Price:
$26+ for shirts, $27+ for hats, $36 for polo shirts (Free shipping to the US on everything!)

#9. Homebrew Software - $25 to $35

Beersmith homebrewing calculator and software for recipe creation 
Source: Beersmith.com

If your homebrewer is the kind that loves crunching the numbers and dialing in the recipes, software is a great gift option. Even the most casual brewers enjoy recording and pre-testing batches using a recipe creation tool.

The two providers we've linked below are great options, but they differ in how they deliver the software - Brewers Friend is cloud-based (access software online) and BeerSmith is an application you download to a Mac or PC. Either will work great, but your brewer may have a preference. 

▶ Where to buy: Beersmith.com (One time cost) or Brewersfriend.com (yearly membership fee)
▶ Price:
$25 per year for Brewers Friend, $35 for BeerSmith (for life, limited updates)

#10. American Homebrewers Association Membership - $38 to $43

American Homebrewers Association Membership Card 
Source: Homebrewersassociation.org

Help them brew better beer with a one-year membership to the American Homebrewers Association. Membership includes

  • Six issues of Zymurgy magazine and access to the digital archives dating back to 2000 (Print members get six print issues, digital members get six digital issues).
  • Member-only savings at 2,000+ member deals across the U.S. and growing worldwide.
  • Hundreds of medal-winning homebrew recipes from the National Homebrew Competition.
  • Access to member-only events, competitions and ticket pre-sales.

▶ Where to buy: Homebrewsy.com or Homebrewersassociation.org
▶ Price: 
$38 for a digital membership, $43 for a print + digital membership

Notes for non-brewers: Homebrewsy.com offers the same membership that you get directly from the Association with the same benefits at the same price. Buying from our site helps to support us so we can make more guides like this one.

Top Homebrew Gifts from $51 to $100

#11. Immersion Wort Chiller - $60 to $99

Copper wort chiller for cooling homebrewed beer - 25 feet long 
Source: Homebrewing.org

This crazy looking contraption is a homebrewers dream. We use wort chillers like this to cool our hot wort (pre-beer) down after it's been boiling for an hour. Without one of these chillers, cooling 5-10 gallons of boiling liquid is a major pain in the butt.

If your brewer doesn't have one of these, it will be the best gift they get. Seriously. And if it turns out they already have one, they can be combined together to cool even faster. Fast cooling is a huge thing in brewing. If you're unsure what to get, grab one of these.

▶ Where to buy: Homebrewing.org
▶ Price: 
$60 for a 25 foot copper chiller (often on sale)

Notes for non-brewers: Chillers come in copper and stainless steel. Steel is more durable and less expensive, copper is more heat conductive and more expensive. You can't go wrong with either one. There are multiple sizes available with 25 foot and 50 foot being the most common. Get the most length your budget will allow, more is better here. I recommend getting one with plastic tubing (like the one pictured above) because it will be easier to use. These are called immersion chillers because you put them directly into the boiling liquid. If you've got a bigger budget, there's an even better chiller in the $100+ section below called a plate chiller. If you can't afford a plate chiller, immersion is a great choice. I've got a 50 foot steel chiller and it works perfectly every time.

#12. Hydro Flask Growler - $65

Hydroflask growler for transporting craft beer and homebrewed beer 
Source: Hydroflask.com

We use growlers to transport homebrewed beer outside our house or to bring tasty craft beers home from the brewery. There are lots of great options out there. I've picked the Hydro Flask growler for this guide because I freaking love their products.

I initially thought they were overhyped. Now I have one of my own. The hype is real. Durable, high-quality, and hours of temperature control (hot stays hot, cold stays cold). You can't beat this thing.

If you get a Hydro Flask growler as a gift, you'll be your brewers new best friend. Or you'll seal your existing best friendship. I'd be ecstatic to receive one of these as a gift. They will be too.

▶ Where to buy: Hydroflask.com
▶ Price: 
$65 for 64 ounce growler (Free shipping!)

Notes for non-brewers: These come in two sizes. Get the 64 ounce version because thats what most craft breweries fill. If you've got more in your budget, check out the growlers with built in taps that I've highlighted below in the bonus gifts over $100 section below.

#13. Yeast Starter Kit - $75

Yeast starter kit with erlenmeyer flask, stir plate, and accessories  
Source: Homebrewing.org

All homebrewers use yeast and the better the yeast, the better the final product. A yeast starter kit contains everything needed to increase the number of initial yeast in a homebrew. More yeast = better brew.

▶ Where to buy: Homebrewing.org
▶ Price: 
$75 for the kit

Notes for non-brewers: Although it make seem a bit science-y with the Erlenmeyer flask, this kit is perfect for any level of homebrewer. Newbies will love the step up in yeast quality with little effort and veteran brewers will know exactly what to do with this kit. Everything they need is included.

#14. Keg & Carboy Washer - $99

Mark II Keg Washer for homebrew kegs and carboys 
Source: Homebrewing.org

I've actually got two of these washers. That's how great they are to have around.

Washing and sanitizing is a huge part of brewing great beer. It is also time consuming and not that fun. A quality washer can cut an hour or two off a long brew day. This gift might not seem sexy, but they will love it.

▶ Where to buy: Homebrewing.org
▶ Price: 

Notes for non-brewers: 95% of brewers will love one of these washers. If your brewer only uses 1 gallon jugs or fermenters with a wide mouth (the kind that you can stick your whole hand inside), skip this washer.

#15. Stainless Steel Auto Siphon - $80

Stainless Steel Auto Siphon from BrewSSSentials for homebrewing beer and wine 
Source: Brewsssential.com

Brewers use an auto siphon to get liquid out of our fermentation vessels because pouring 5+ gallons of liquid is hard. Anything that touches the beer needs to be super clean and sanitized. For years our only option has been cheap plastic auto siphons that are not quite ideal. Not anymore.

This new version of the classic auto siphon is all stainless steel and can be completely broken down for cleaning and sanitizing. I haven't been able to try one yet, but it's on my list (hint hint friends & family).

▶ Where to buy: Brewsssential.com
▶ Price: 

Notes for non-brewers: Almost all brewers use an auto siphon. They'll gladly replace their old one with this steel version. Don't hesitate to give this to any brewer.

BONUS: Top Homebrew Gifts Over $100

#16. Plaato Airlock & Fermentation Analyzer - $145

Plaato airlock and fermentation analyzer for homebrewers of beer and wine 
Source: Plaato.io

We all use airlocks to keep bugs out of our homebrew and let the co2 gas out during fermentation. They're a staple piece of brew equipment and most brewers don't give them a second thought.

Plaato has taken the simple airlock and added some badass technology. This thing tracks fermentation activity, alcohol content, and even temperature. A brewers dream without interfering with the happily bubbling brew. And it comes with a free app.

▶ Where to buy: Plaato.io
▶ Price: 
$145 (Free shipping worldwide!)

Notes for non-brewers: Airlocks are used by 99% of brewers and they have a universal fit. No need to worry about sizing or their specific equipment.

#17. Plate Chiller - $169

Plate chiller for cooling homebrewed wort 
Source: Homebrewing.org

This plate chiller may look clunky and weird, but it is a homebrewers best friend. Chilling wort (hot pre-beer) is super important and difficult without the right equipment. This plate chiller will bring boiling liquid down to fermentation-ready temperature in minutes. That means a lot less time waiting for wort to cool, less work, and better beer.

▶ Where to buy: Homebrewing.org
▶ Price: 

Notes for non-brewers: To use a plate chiller they'll need a few additional small attachments that don't come with the chiller itself. They'll be happy with just the chiller as a gift, and you can let them get their own extras to ensure the proper fit for their equipment.

#18. uKeg Pressurized Growler with Tap - $150

 GrowlerWerks portable tap growler with co2 for dispensing craft beer and homebrew
Source: Morebeer.com 

For the homebrewer that has it all, they probably don't have this growler. The price tag on this thing comes from the fact that it's both for transporting and serving beer at the right temperature and pressure. They'll certainly wow friends and family with the built in tap.

This growler is great for any level of brewer, even the most casual because it can be used for both homebrew and craft beers from their favorite brewery.

▶ Where to buy: Growlerwerks.com or Morebeer.com
▶ Price: 
$150 for the 1 gallon growler

Notes for non-brewers: This growler runs on food grade 16g co2 cartridges. Add a couple packs of cartridges to make this the perfect gift.

#19. Stainless Steel Fermenter - $200

Stainless Steel fermenter from SS Brew Tech sold by MoreBeer.com 
Source: Morebeer.com

If you've got a serious brewer on your hands, you can go wrong upgrading their fermentation tank. Going from glass or plastic to stainless steel is a major upgrade. If they don't have one of these already, they've dreamed about owning one. If they've already got one, they want another one.

▶ Where to buy: Morebeer.com
▶ Price: 
$200 for a 7 gallon fermenter

Notes for non-brewers: 7 gallon is a great standard size for most brewers. If you know they are interested in smaller batches, the 3.5 gallon version could be a better size. If they brew bigger batches, this monster 14 gallon version will do the trick.

Still Stumped? I've got 2 more options for you

#20. Gift Card - $5-$500

Morebeer gift card for homebrewers
Source: Morebeer.com 

Normally I don't love giving or receiving gift cards. They feel impersonal to me. Brewing is the one exception.

I've never been disappointed with a homebrewing gift card. I always have new equipment I want to try and more ingredients to buy. 

If there isn't another gift in this guide that you think they'll enjoy, a gift card is a great option. Add a nice card and they'll be super grateful.

▶ Where to buy: Their favorite local brew store on an online retailer (Morebeer.com is one option)
▶ Price: 
$5-$500, your choice

Notes for non-brewers: If you can, figure out their favorite place to shop. A local homebrew store is always a great idea. Find a store near you with this handy tool from the American Homebrew Association.

#21. Contact Benjamin, Your Friendly Neighborhood Homebrewer

Source: My Camera

I know how hard it can be to find the perfect gift for a homebrewer. I want you to get the best gift possible. If you didn't find something in this guide, shoot me an email with some details about your brewer and why you're stumped and I'll do my best to help.

▶ How to contact: Contact page or email benjamin@homebrewsy.com

▶ Price: Free! I'll help with more ideas, you buy the gift.

Cheers and happy gifting friends!

Benjamin @ Homebrewsy






Thanks to Noun project for the icons in the main image: Cap icon by shashank singh from the Noun Project and Tshirt by Norbert Kucsera from the Noun Project.